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Aliases: haveabalilife
Joined: like day 1
Affiliations: Iron Kingdom
Facts: nice guy

robby2702, known mostly as simply robby, is one of the oldest players on the server, the longest running donator in the server, and was one of the first and few to hold the title of 1k hours. He joined the server playing early on in p1, eventually becoming known as one of the most well known and liked players on the server. He has an unorthodox playstyle for an anarchy server, in that he does not engage in PvP, rarely griefs, and prefers not to build large structures. He was a member of Lunaria, an exception to the group, as he was specially invited by d2k11. Since Lunaria's dissolution after p1, robby has opted to remain solo, though he does still loosely affiliate with other long-time players.


Starting Off

robby began his journey by traveling out 25k in the overworld without the use of a hack client. After establishing a small base, he ended up dying, prompting him to try out a hack client, where it improved his experience in the server greatly. He was mostly guided by d2k11, whom he saw as a mentor on the server. Because he did not cause much trouble on the server, he was friendly with nearly everyone playing at the time, eventually being given the name the "Peaceful Pacifist."

Inside Lunaria's base. Zip being zip.
Joining Lunaria

Despite preferring to play alone, robby accepted a special clan invitation given by d2k11 to join Lunaria. Eventually, as most of the clan members became inactive or busy, robby decided on a new solo project: to collect every possible item in the game. Along with this challenge, he was establish a dupe stash collection nearby the base. The project, however, was never completed, and Lunaria was disbanded. robby stopped playing as he had personal responsibilities to take care of.

A stash built by robby
Returning to p2

After a two month break and discovering that the world data for p1 was gone, robby returned to AVAS during p2. He was mostly alone most of the time, experimenting with the various dupes available back p2. He was the first successful player to travel to a treasure stash, part of a small reoccurring event held by d2k11. Without the availability of the Nether roof, the million-block journey took him around 8 hours to complete.

He also became an ally of nossravgni, being two of the oldest, most active players on the server. He collaborated with noss in creating one of the largest dupe stash in p2. The stash was so massively, and densely packed, it ended up causing major data overloading problems for the server, eventually needing to be removed by admins. Aside from that, robby did not do much in p2.

robby's most current dupe kits, called Walmart, Amazon, and Costco Shopping Carts. Used as a multi-kit package.
November 2020 Voting Frenzy

In November of 2020, robby discovered a way to submit multiple votes each day, where normally, each player is meant to only vote once a day. Through this, he is directly credited for the server's large popularity increase going into the holiday season. Using unconventional methods of obtaining alternate accounts, multiple devices and VPN, he was able to successfully vote around 10 times each day. With the vote dupe being the only public dupe on the server at the time, he was able to create one of the largest dupe stashes in p3. He took a break in December, where the base was eventually found by WoBo. Fortunately, it wasn't immediately griefed and around 80-90% of the items in the stash was transferred to a new location.

Retirement and Legacy

In December 2020, robby announced that he decided to retire from playing the server full time, due to personal reasons. His is remembered for all the contributions he has given to the server and the community, from helpful advice to just being a generally friendly player. Whenever he has the time, he rejoins the server to tend to his “retirement farm”.


Recipient of:

  • Official Nice Guy Stick - awarded by 69
  • Official Funny Guy Stick - awarded by 69