Treasure hunt

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hitec128 griefing a Treasure Hunt stash

The Treasure Hunt was a small, randomly reoccurring event held by d2k11 during p2. Every so often, typically when bored, d2 would make a small stash of items somewhere randomly in the world. He would then release the coordinates for people to come find.


A short-lived event, d2k11 hosted a handful of Treasure Hunts for players on the server to find loot stashes, and do with them what they will. Ultimately, only 2 people ever reached any of the treasure, being hitec128 and robby2702. Robby traveled nearly 8 hours to find the stash, being the only person to claim the items for himself. Hitec, on the other hand, found every single other stash first, opting instead to blow them all up.