Iron Kingdom

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Iron Kingdom
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Created: 10th of December 2020
Achievements: Biggest stash on AVAS, 10 month old active megabase
Facts: Griefed by WoBo :troll:

Iron Kingdom was founded on the 10th of December 2020. After the nossravgni and Gulon1's bases were griefed early on during p3, they were approached by Squidman2418, a notable builder, to start a group megabase. Soon after, appropriate coords were chosen for the IK's base and construction started.


After a period of inactivity, aftu (who previously based with noss) was invited into the group and arrived at the base. Robby2702, a well known oldfag was asked by nossravgni to join the base; Fronow and willpaysthebills were invited shortly after.

The chunk dupe was discovered soon after and construction of a massive stash was started. By the time the dupe was patched the stash measured more than 30 chunks long and contained a huge variety of shulkers from pvp kits to robby2702's famous Amazon and Walmart carts. The base continued to grow for months. Wobo, a notorious trouble maker and exploit fanatic was tricked by nossravgni and willpaysthebills with fake coords causing him to travel 19 million blocks only to find nothing.

The base continued to grow until the 22nd of April 2021, when noss in a discord voice call with osshe5, accidently leaked the coords. With the base in the millions, it would take many weeks to travel through open nether to travel there. However, thankfully for osshe5 the nether roof was open at the time for testing and he used the short window of time to travel to the base. On arrival, osshe5 decided not to grief the base and joined the group instead.

Later on, Favas (or Techdirect23) was invited along with TNTwyatt and the base has continued to grow, with the group producing multiple maparts and impressive builds.

As of 9th of may 2022, Digital_Blaze owned the base.


Iron Kingdom is neutral to all other groups.