Vote dupe

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The vote dupe is an essential promotional feature on AVAS. Part of the server's custom plugin, p3, it allows players to duplicate a held item for voting for the server on a server list website. Because players can only vote once per day*, this gives players a small, daily dupe, allowing consistent access to duping even when all public duplication exploits are patched in vanilla Minecraft.


Being introduced in the p3 rewrite, the vote dupe was intended to accomplish multiple things:

  1. allow direct access to dupes, something that sets AVAS apart from other anarchy servers
  2. incentivize voting so admins don't have to beg
  3. be self-sustaining but not economically dangerous

Since its instantiation, the vote dupe has proven to be one of, if not the single most successful method of promoting voting for a purely vanilla anarchy server.


In November of 2020, robby was able to streamline a multi-account set up, allowing him to vote around 10 times each day. While the vote dupe was intended to be a small reward for voting each day, robby was able to use multiple accounts, devices, and a VPN, giving him multiple dupes each day. During this time, there were no active public dupes on the version of Minecraft running on AVAS. With his set up, Robby was able to establish one of the largest stashes on the server at the time.



Item duplication exploits are part of video games, and especially part of what makes anarchy anarchy. A major feature of AVAS is that dupes are allowed, and remain unpatched as long as they're in the vanilla release of the game. In other words, dupes have and will exist on the server, including, but not limited to, the vote dupe.


Minecraft anarchy servers are notoriously difficult to promote. In a purely vanilla environment, the administrators are unable to provide the usual rewards for voting (ie items, vote keys, experience, etc). Utilizing a mechanic that generally exists in the vanilla game, duping the players hand gives players incentive to vote beyond just supporting the server. This has exponentially increased both the daily average and longterm consistency of votes.


Duping in itself can be a dangerous mechanic. Hyper-efficient general item dupes, like the chunk overload or donkey dupes, allow players to amass incredible stashes of items, devaluing virtually every item in the game. Because of this, an economy can be tricky to maintain on an anarchy server that allows - even promotes - duping. That said, the dupe itself does not cause any significant influence on the server's economy. With only a single hand-dupe a day, any impact made on the economy is minimal at best.


Multiple votes primarily relies on minecraft-mp, a server list website where players are able to find and vote for Minecraft servers. logs both usernames and ips, as well as stores cookies. To vote multiple times, you need multiple accounts, or 1 of 2 things: multiple devices or a VPN. If you're using a VPN on 1 pc, clear cookies or use incognito when you vote. also checks whether a submitted username has actually joined the server before, in an attempt to authenticate the vote. Submissions with accounts that have not joined the server before will likely be deleted.

TLDR: its possible to vote multiple times, its just some work and you have to do it correctly.