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AVAS stands for Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival. It is an up-to-date Minecraft anarchy server whose main goal is to create a stable multiplayer Minecraft experience, while preserving vanilla gameplay as closely as possible. There are no rules against griefing, raiding, and killing others. You are allowed and encouraged to use hacked clients, duplication glitches, and other exploits. If it exists in the current release of the vanilla game, it will remain unpatched on AVAS to the best of the administrators' ability. Unlike most other Minecraft anarchy servers, AVAS allows nearly full use of movement hacks. The server is currently administered by d2k11 and xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx.


Founded in June of 2020 by d2k11, the server started as an experimental offshoot of another pure vanilla anarchy server, the True Vanilla Experiment. From the start, the ideology of the server has been the same: keep it as vanilla as possible. This means allowing hacks normally patched on anarchy servers, like flight and high speed (like Timer). Early in the server's history, when the community was relatively small, allowing full movement hacks was not an issue for server stability. As the server has grown, however, certain measures have been instated to provide a good balance of server stability and hacked client accessibility. Since the founding of the server, there have been several iterations, with the creation of those iterations having a unique and different reason for its' creation. Each iteration can be marked with a map reset, as well as an update/rewrite of the server's proprietary plugin suite, that currently being protocol3 (p3).

In July 2020, xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx was added to the administration team. As it currently stands, the owners and only administrators of AVAS are d2k11 and xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx. d2k11's primary role is development and debugging, while xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx manages the social and administrative duties.

On October 18th, 2020, the final and current iteration of AVAS was launched with p3 and a new, illegal-free map.



avas_patches, sometimes known as p1 ("p" for "patches", as opposed to "protocol"), was the original custom plugin written by d2k11 to handle multiple aspects of the server. p1 is used interchangeably in reference to the first map and the player base that used to inhabit it. p1 was the first Spigot plugin written by d2k11. It featured TPS monitoring, player speed checking, and general stability tools. As the server slowly grew, this plugin began to prove insufficient for specific administrative duties. This map lasted around a month.

The end of this era of development is marked by the corruption of the world map files during the transfer to a new host. Though discouraging, support for a continuation from the community sparked the next era of AVAS: protocol2.


protocol2, or p2, is the first rewrite of the proprietary plugin suite used on AVAS. It is also used interchangeably in reference to the 2nd map and the playerbase that used to inhabit it. p2 (the plugin) was a full rewrite of avas_patches, providing more functionality and a better framework to allow changes as they became necessary. The "p" also went from representing "patches" to "protocol", as it is generally known, because so much of the server now revolved around it.

During this time, xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx joined the administrative team to assist in the workload that running an anarchy server has. p2 (the map/era) was where AVAS started to see some legitimate growth. That being said, the server was still in its infancy, and the administration team was still getting its bearings. Simply through the administration's lack of concern for server longevity, the economy of the server reached a point where 32k gear and other illegals were rampant. This was also when players had the infamous "donkey dupe", a dupe that was promoted to be working on the server. Unfortunately, by the time illegal items became out of control, server growth had peaked. At this point, the administration needed to step in, introducing the final reset and protocol3.


protocol3, or p3, is the last and currently used version of the proprietary plugin suite used on AVAS. Having been rewritten to be more efficient and expandable, p3 is responsible for many player and administrative features, such as chat and name colors, commands, anti-illegals, and other administrative tools. p3, like before, is used interchangeably in reference to the current map. Due to the illegal economy that was created during p2, the administrators opted for a full map reset upon completion of p3.

Prior to p3, the server was seen (by admins) as an experimental playground, with no real long-term potential. Because of this, introduction of illegal items was not seen as a major issue. During this time, however, genuine interest was developing in the server. In order to fix the problem in its entirety, the map and player data needed to be reset. While clearly this is a major turn off for an anarchy server, the administrative team decided it was best to handle the situation sooner than later. p3 was eventually completed, and the map and player data were reset. Parts of p3 were specifically written to prevent a similar situation from arising in the future.

Protocol3 can be seen as the full or official launch of AVAS. The first 2 iterations of AVAS allowed the server administrators to learn how to run an anarchy server and perfect our custom plugin. Going forward, there will be no more map resets, ever. That is not to say that AVAS' plugin suite will not be updated in the future.



In an attempt to adhere to the most current vanilla release of the game, AVAS attempts to keep vanilla exploits in the game for as long as possible. This means that if Spigot patches something, administrators will try to put off that update; however, if Mojang patches an exploit in a new release, that exploit will no longer be available on AVAS. That said, if you find an exploit in Spigot or any of the plugins, you are allowed to abuse it. A good example of this the old donkey dupe that remained in the vanilla game for months. While there aren't any public general item dupes in the current release of the game, players are able to dupe their hand once per day (per account/ip) by voting. This allows exponential player growth while still maintaining a stable and consistent economy.


Unlike the majority of other Minecraft servers, anarchy or otherwise, AVAS allows nearly full use of movement hacks. The server uses an anti-cheat plugin conditionally, only turning on when the server is below 10 TPS. During this time, flight and other movement hacks are disabled or limited until TPS can recover. At that point, the anti-cheat is disabled and hacks will work again. Otherwise, the only other limitation is a constant 36 meter per second speed limit. Both of these measures are in place in attempt to maintain some server stability. Ultimately, until Minecraft is better optimized for multiplayer, allowing such freedom of movement hacks will always be a fundamental drain on any Minecraft server. This is the best solution we can implement without nixing hacked client use entirely.

Player controls

In an attempt to minimize administrative interaction, some features have been included to allow the community to self-police in some capacities. Primarily, AVAS has a "vote mute" command, which enables players to initiate a server-wide poll for whether or not to temporarily mute a player. This vote requires support from 40% of the current players to pass. The mute lasts 1 hour. In addition to /tdm to toggle death messages on and off, players are better able to manage their chat themselves.

The server also provides /kill to "escape" portal traps and respawn at will.

  • /vote - Gives a clickable link to vote for the server (dupes your hand once per day)
  • /discord - Gives a clickable link to join our community Discord server.
  • /sign - Uniquely signs a held item with your username, current coordinates, and a unique identifier. Can only use once per item.
  • /vm [name] - Initiates/votes for temporarily muting a player.
  • /tps - Real-time read of current ticks per second.
  • /kill - Kills you.
  • /kit - Gives you a sweet starter kit!
  • /tdm - Toggles death messages.
  • /msg [name] & /r - Send another player a private message, and reply to the last person who messaged you, respectively.
  • /stats [name] - Shows your in-game hours along with your join-date.



For questions or comments, or to suggest an edit to this wiki, contact 'suicide is badass#5524' on Discord or email avas.mgmt@gmail.com