From AVAS.cc Historical Archive
Hitec's skin
Joined: p1
Affiliations: d30
Achievements: First to world border (with IReallyDontKnoMc)
First map art on p3

hitec128 is an influential oldfag, having played the server since p1. In addition to being the first person to reach world border (with IReallyDontKnoMc), he is known infamously for griefing, exploiting and PvP. He founded the group d30, whose intent is to exploit, grief and create map art. This would lead to the first map art on the current map, d30 on top.


d30 on top

hitec started playing AVAS during the first map, and has continued to leave his mark to this day. During p1, his name became notorious for griefing community bases and being a virtually unstoppable spawnfag. He also was able to establish over 15 large stashes, as the donkey dupe was active during this time. His activity on the server lulled after the first map reset, although he did manage to blow up every single treasure hunt, a small recurring event held by d2k11.

Playing more seriously during p3, hitec and his group own multiple large bases and stashes. He claims to have been able to accomplish this with a private exploit, making his group one of the most powerful on the server. They were also the first people to reach a world border and make a map art, called d30 on top. The large swastika overlaid with Azusa Nakano quickly became the most widespread map art on the server.

At some point he also made our current logo.


hitec likes gambling, drugs, and hoes. He also has a Youtube channel, where he's released a video on each map, where he PvPs and griefs stashes.