From AVAS.cc Historical Archive
Joined: Early p3
Affiliations: MapCult


RD06 joined AVAS during p3 of the map in November of 2020 during this time he teamed up with SirNaky and Actskun to set up a base and do glorious things on AVAS. RD06 is known for making maparts with the MapCult group and also participated in the 5x8 mapart project by 3vil0ne, SirNaky, haJUNT and kiranotkyra. In addition, he likes to travel a lot in a duo and stir up trouble in the chat and at spawn with his partner Actskun.

After setting up his base he went dormant and did not play on AVAS for 2 months until 2021 where he rejoined AVAS to make a name for himself by making maparts and that was when he decided to join the MAPCULT with his basements.


Claims to be 12 years old but no one really knows if he is or not, has a horrendous sleep schedule but somehow manages his time and he loves to tell people about the things he likes to eat and do.