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Aliases: Acts,Actskun
Joined: Early p3
Affiliations: MapCult

Actskun commonly known as Acts is a player who joined at the start of p3.


He first joined avas on November 17 of 2020 2 days after RD06 joined during his first day on avas he experienced something known as D2k11 testing his powers and was teleported to world border where he first found gear and decided to fight Hitec128 at spawn. After his fight, he took a break from avas just to come back to start beef with the chat. And as of March 3 2021 he is currently locked up as a spamfag.


Actskun is 13 year old kid that called hitec the n word multiple times as seen in avas ez'd pt3 and is a part of the MapCult , he is also rd06’s younger cousin and likes to use ubuntu Linux . He is mostly known to start beef with random people on the server and has been called a menace to society