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Aliases = Naky
Joined = Early p3
Affiliations= MapCult
Achievements=First NSFW/Furry Mapart, NFC Arena, Extended East Overworld highway to 100k

SirNaky commonly known as Naky is an active player who joined at the start of p3.


SirNaky joined AVAS on November 3rd, 2020. He had never heard of AVAS beforehand and joined the server after browsing for new anarchy servers. After joining the server, he spent the first two days searching for a spot to make his base and start working on a kit. On the second day, he found the perfect place for a base, a shattered savanna biome with a skeleton spawner in the center. After one week, he almost had a complete kit except for crystals. In the second week, the kit was complete, and he started duping it with other players, making it one of the most duped kits on the server. Also, during this time, while he was flying around spawn and killing newfags, he met two players, RD06 and acktsun. After killing them, he befriended them, and all three of them decided to make a base.

After long searches, they found a spot for a base, but they didn't have any village nearby. So, SirNaky created a rail system that linked the base with a nearby village, thanks to rail duping. SirNaky also created an underground tunnel under lava in the Nether that linked the base to the main highway.

In early February, he started making maparts. His first one was a Templar mapart, and while making it, he met haJUNT, who would later become one of the AVAS admins. After creating the Templar mapart, he and RD06 left the first base and searched for a new spot to build a new base. After building the new base, he made two cobblestone generators and carpet dupers that would be used to create new maparts.

On March 9th, 2021, he built the NFC Arena, and two days later, he hosted the first newfag fight club in the arena.


Naky is a retired boomer who likes spiced rum and classic music.


  • Discord: sirnaky