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aftu's shitty skin bring back the bear bud
Aliases: craftu, nergo
Joined: 10/20/2020
Affiliations: nossbase, The Iron Kingdom
Achievements: Got a command made specifically to let players harass him

aftu, formerly known as craftu and nergo, is an oldfag that is consistently abused by admins. He must like it at this point, because I don't know why he'd keep coming back otherwise. He has been playing Minecraft for 10 years and he has gone through multiple accounts due to bad memory and losing the passwords. One of his hobbies is killing his best friend and fellow basemate nossravgni. He has also griefed multiple bases during the span of his playtime on AVAS. He PvPs both around spawn and also sometimes at base, despite all the times noss yells at him. He has been apart of multiple bases including The Iron Kingdom, nossbase, and some small personal bases.

He doesn't really indulge in much besides killing newfags, cpvping, and annoying his basemates. He generally is nice to his base mates Squidman2418, and robby2702; other than that, he is an asshole to anyone in chat - including the admins. Most of the time, if he isn't in a call with noss, he is finding ways to annoy him such as the following: spam tagging and calling him on Discord, popping his totems in game, calling him a "fucking shitter", etc. His main clients are Wurst+2, Impact+, salhack, and ICEhax. He is currently basing with Gulon1, nossravgni, Squidman2418, and PowderPixel. If he isn't playing AVAS, he is most likely sleeping, making fun of d2's plugins, eating a shit ton of food, or making fun of people in a call with noss.


Technically based with some people but, honestly, does it even count?


  • has a racecar bed
  • /beat
  • professional ringer of large bells