Digital Blaze

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Digital Blaze
Aliases: Digi,Digital_Fadee
Joined: Early p3
Affiliations: MapCult
Achievements: Owns the biggest stash on the server
Facts: was the only person to lag the server, and be unlagfagged.

Digital_Blaze commonly known as Digi is an active player who joined on December 2020.


File:Playerdigital blaze.png
Digitals' skin

Joining early p3, Digital_Blaze (more known as digi) joined on the 29th of December 2020, in the early days he spent his time with irl friend morgzz5609, however when William1223 invited him to help build a "nether prison" he would become more known among older players. During construction of this nether hub, Techdirect23 invited him to base with him, which later on 4troll would join. He would leave the base not much after, and while base hunting, metro_pliers and tunafish's base was found. However they happened to be online as he found it. The trio would quickly befriend each other, making a base 15k in the nether. While making the base, a joke was made about making the server crash only using carpet dupers. This quickly became a problem as the joke was becoming reality. Over 150 carpet dupers were made until the server did crash. Twice. In late march, both metro_plier and digi were lagfaged. However digi continued to play despite the handycap. During these events digi would travel across the map making factorys. He called them "digi corp" locations. After a few conversations with the admins, digi was unlagfaged allowing him to enjoy the server again. He got in contact with tunafish again after he quit the server and convinced him to start playing again. They made a few bases until things got repetitive and digi wanted a change. So after hearing about a new end base in construction he conviced the occupants to invite him, the occupants being wobo and SirNaky. However after some drama with the server being laged (again) and it being a matter of time before the base was found,the base cords where leaked to nossravgni. Not long after he would join MapCult (previously making a mapart of his own) and would start to base with SirNaky again.

And as off recent, Digi now owns the biggest base on the server, after nossravgni left the base ( Iron Kingdom )

On 9th March 2021, he builds NFC Arena and 2 days later hosted the first newfag fight club in the arena.


Digi is some lound bri-ish kid who likes to pay tech wither kit rent and hates fancy chat.

Carpet dupers