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Sarin's skin
Sarin's skin
Aliases: 1Sarin, Sarin.
Joined: p3

1Sarin also known as Sarin is an avas.cc player.


Sarin's skin

1Sarin started playing AVAS.cc in mid p3, with the goal of destroying all bases he could possibly find. However, soon after griefing a build by Umnyasha and xCondii he decided to build his own base and moved far out into the world, becoming the first to reach the world’s corner. He aligned himself with several players on the server and has friendly relations with pretty much everyone.

In possession of several rare items, Sarin is the only one to have the original dragon egg of avas. However, a lot of his rare items got wiped when he got lagfagged by d2k11 as a joke. He has been permed muted and has done everything not supposed to be possible on anarchy server. Sarin has also crashed the server, bringing TPS down to 4 for everyone and making avas.cc unplayable for a full day.

Playing solo, he set his base “Wondii Tower” near the border, which stood until d2k11 and Sarin decided to fuck around and grief it, exploding it with tens of thousands of TNT.


1Sarin is an Indian child who loves his relationship with Digital Blaze.