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Aliases: Umnyasha , Umnuasha
Joined: Early p3
Achievements: First to reach the +X WB legally 5 months before the completion of the highways

Umnyasha is an active player who joined in p3.


He played 1247 hours in total from two accounts. He is currently #9 on the /stats leaderboard on his second account (Umnuasha_). His main account now is Umnyasha, on which he is #21 place. He built 8 obsidian sculptures on the server. The biggest one is the snow tiger at the world border (49k obsidian blocks). He made 1 spawnart with his nickname and built +X obsidian Nether and End Highways (Currently built 30km), he also participated in the construction of Nether highways to the +X world border.

He makes videos on his YouTube channel about AVAS.


  • Discord: Умняша#1540

Snow tiger
Spawn Name
World border