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Aliases: ph00nhub, MoonKun, HorizonEcho,TsukiKun
Joined: Early p3
Affiliations: Iron Kingdom, Femboy Legion, Digi Corp
Achievements: First event winner, logo designer for avas
Facts: Used to RP in Minecraft


First base was with some other new people like Condii / Shwk, caiope, NotATruck and Skyprizam. Base was griefed by own group. Came over to one of MayorOfAvas' and FlipNFlop's bases. Travelled to realsinse420's arena and stash. Created Femboy Legion with Hitec, Osshe and many other people. Travelled to Osshe's base and stash. Created the first mapart competition winning mapart with Osshe. Theme "Growth" Left all groups and built own base. Joined Digi Corp and Iron Kingdom. Is now travelling to Iron Kingdom.


German 18yo dude, likes to build and hang out on avas, doesn't like hvh pvp on anarchy servers. Cool with everyone on the server, no beef so far. Getting into coding, plays guitar and sings a lot. In a relationship for 2+ years now Been in therapy for a while but is back now and better than ever B) joined during early p3, not oldfag tho Looking to arrange game nights on avas

the wave
Osshe Junt and TsukiKun - MoonKun