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Spawn is used in reference to the general area a player will respawn when they die, provided they don't have a bed set. On AVAS, the radius in which players can spawn is 300 blocks away from 0. Spawn is, by design, a dangerous area that can be hard to traverse for unexperienced players. A common activity among players is spawnfagging, in which a well-geared player will roam around spawn, aimlessly killing newfags who are trying to escape.


The Hatter's first restored spawn chunk
Early p3

After the wipe leading into the current map, multiple people took it upon themselves to regrief spawn to its former glory. Using flying machines and tnt dupers, 69 bombed a trench at the 300 block perimeter. Later, nossravgni singlehandedly casted build-limit walls over that same perimeter. These, along with multiple other lava casts, were some of the first at spawn. Pretty much 90% of the large casts you see within 300 blocks were made by noss at some point.

A chain of restored chunks
Chunk reverting

In early January of 2020, AVAS switched from Spigot to a Paper fork, unintentionally allowing the use the popular .jar/.d dupe. A group of players called The Hatters discovered that the mod used in the dupe could be used to also revert chunks to their original seed generation. After having tested it at base, they attempted to replicate it at spawn. Led by FuTuRE_WoBo, they were able to reset multiple chunks around the spawn region. Between direct grief and the numerous withers constantly around spawn, most of the chunks did not last long. Additionally, AVAS switched from the Paper fork to vanilla Paper, as the dupe was causing server crashes. This also patched The Hatter's method of resetting chunks, though they claim to have other, albeit less efficient methods.


Around the time the chunk reset exploit was discovered, d2k11 put out a call to expand the spawn grief beyond 300 blocks. His group, GNAA, as well as some old- and midfags, built a concentric box of walls to noss's at 500 blocks.

Points of interest

  • Obsidian roof
  • 0,0 abortion cast by nossravgni
  • 300x300 walls by nossravgni
  • 500x500 walls by GNAA
  • Withers