From AVAS.cc Historical Archive
69's original skin
Joined: Early p1
Affiliations: f2
Achievements: Brought the server back from the dead twice.

xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx, known unfortunately as "69", is a co-owner of and administrator for AVAS.cc. Having played on the server since p1 and the first map, he became a server administrator in mid-July of 2020, at the start of p2. Being technologically outclassed by a teenager, his primary purpose is to manage the social aspects of the server, including oversight of social media, promotion, and player base interaction.


69 started playing Minecraft in 2010 during Alpha. Having played on and off for years, he has gone through multiple accounts (from losing account details to getting hacked while away from the game). Due to this, he gave up on naming his accounts, and went with the abortion that is xX_xxX6_9xx_Xx. Unbeknownst to him, his name would actually become somewhat relevant in the community, and is now known as 69.

Having little experience in anarchy upon joining AVAS as a player, 69 previously played SP and small servers with friends. All he's good for in the game anymore is redstone and item farming. He initially joined AVAS after having seen the donkey dupe, wanting to try it out himself. At the time, AVAS was being advertised as having the donkey dupe working. Playing solo, he was able to accumulate a respectable stash base in the early days of the server. Towards the end of p1, he was a member of the main oldfag group on the server, F2.

After the corruption of the original world file, 69 joined the AVAS administration team to help lessen the load of running an anarchy server. Previously, his only experience operating a server was locally hosting a small server for friends in the early 2000's.


69 is a 20-something-year-old degenerate with bad knees. He likes programming, drugs, and music. He works as a case manager and parapro in the mental and physical disability field. He broke his knees rock climbing, and now spends too much time on the computer.


  • Discord: suicide is badass#5524
  • Email: avas.mgmt@email.com