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Donfuer AVAS branch was established on 20 May 2023 by prism and D_loaded. The group started as a small team that got off to a rocky start. Their first base DonVas1 was attacked before it had a chance to begin. The only builder in the group at the time who had made it out to the base’s location, SenorQuill, began construction. Before any significant builds could be completed, a mysterious griefer known as the “Mooman” left withers behind. Prism, knowing that someone had the coords and was unhappy with them, made the drastic decision to banish around half of the group and begin a new base. Obviously, the decision to do a mass ban in order to remove one unknown suspect led to many innocent players feeling accused and angry. This was the first drama the group faced, and it led to server-wide backlash. The group carried on and moved to a new location to found DonVas2. This would turn out to be the group’s first successful base. With a now smaller group, the remaining members traveled to the new location and broke ground on a Medieval-themed base. For weeks, the base thrived, but the group struggled with rising tensions between the builders and their leader Prism. Many were unhappy with what they perceived to be poor decision-making and a lack of effort from Prism. The powder keg finally ignited on the evening of August 2nd, 2023. After one of the group’s most dedicated builders revisited one of his older bases, he found that it had been griefed by none other than the group’s leader Prism. This triggered a chain of events that led to a revolt from the builders. The base was griefed by those who built it in protest of the actions of Prism. After the revolt, Prism attempted to regain control of the group, but the damage was irreparable at that point. Players began leaving the group in mass as Prism remained the leader. Finally, one day later, Prism understood that it couldn’t be saved, and he stepped down as leader. The group reached its all-time low as only a handful of players remained. The only original builder who remained in the group, Cornpop6, was given leadership by D_loaded. Cornpop6, too stubborn to let the group die, contacted his friend Mayor, and together they began recruiting players to the group, while simultaneously reaching out to the original members who left. Within a few days, they had succeeded. Every original member had returned, and many new players had joined as well. The group has now grown to be the largest currently active group on Avas by a wide margin. At the time of writing this, the group is working on what is to be one of the largest projects in the server’s history. More details to come upon completion.


Donfuer has no official stance on any group, they largely operate independently of other groups.

Notable Members