From Historical Archive
Aliases: Mayorofavas
Joined: Early p3
Achievements: Been to World border

Mayorofavas is an active player who joined early p3. He is currently an admin for the server.


Mayorofavas started playing MC on xbox then he got java Minecraft and joined AVAS on 12/29/2020. The first month he played in vanilla then switched to hacks after not being able to fly. Over the course of his first few months in-game he built 5 different bases. He is the proud builder of the 3rd biggest base on AVAS. After having his base imploded by nossravgni and xCondii, him and FlipNFlop move on to the current base Tech Base where someday they hope to hold player held server events.


Mayorofavas is a 29 year old from the middle US who likes a good joint and some beer. Watch’s a lot of space documentaries and loves a good comedy (pulp fiction), shooting guns and climbing high places.

World border
tech base night club
Ice ring