Dark Rock

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Dark Rock was an establishment built by Squidman and Fronow. A lot of it was built by Squidman- Fronow mostly just stood there lagging. It was one of the first substantial builds on AVAS, and lasted nearly the entire duration of p2.


Dark Rock was a large base and build, started in August of 2020 by players Squidman and Fronow. Starting from what would become the uncompleted centerpiece, a large blackstone structure, the build eventually sprawled tens of chunks out. This expansion was undertaken primarily by Squidman, as during this time, Fronow was having internet issues. This also contributed to the cessation of the build, as without a teammate, Squidman lost interest in the project and took a hiatus.

While the owners were both away, the base remained untouched for almost the entirety of the p2 map. Before the map reset, the world was temporarily set to read-only so players could see builds before the map was wiped. Incredibly, Dark Rock was not found and griefed until a few days before the map was set to read-only.


Fronow's Castle
Fronow's Castle (unfinished)

The start of the build, but eventually left up to the internetless Fronow, this large blackstone building was in the center of the establishment, and provided the group with room for storage. Built on the edge of a river, it features a large wooden bridge giving access to the rest of the build. This was eventually abandoned, as Fronow was unable to play and Squidman's interests for the project had shifted outwards.

Squidman's Castle
Squidman's Castle (unfinished)

Now solo, Squidman expanded their kingdom outward, establishing a village with an ornate perimeter wall. Within that village was a small garden, housing a bedrock penis in the center. The penis, originally placed with netherrack by 69 near the beginning of p2, was later upgraded to bedrock by d2k11 for historical purposes.

Outer village

Outside of Squidman's and Fronow's castles held a large village, featuring both decorative and functional builds. With multiple crop farms, a large livestock pen, and a slew of decorative housing, the remainder of this build stretches tens of chunks out.


In early October of 2020, the base was found and griefed, a few days before it would've been saved for viewing when the server was to switch to read-only.