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Joined: p1
Affiliations: GNAA

wood3n is the first player ever to play on AVAS.cc. He had played through p1 before the map reset, and then stopped playing due to interest in Minecraft all together, though he still gets on AVAS every now and then. He is known for not using cheats, and does not use clients. Before AVAS, he was, and still is d2k11’s very good IRL friend.


wood3n has been playing Minecraft since 2013. His first experience with anarchy was on 9b9t alongside of d2k11, where, without a good understanding of hacks, both had trouble getting started. Following d2 to True Vanilla Experiment], d2 and wood3n were able to establish F Clan, one of the strongest and largest on the server, and build a large Japanese inspired base. Eventually, the base had been griefed which led d2 to making AVAS.

After p2 started, wanting to play anarchy with his friend, wood3n followed d2 into the 9b9t building group, Apollo. At the time, they claimed the largest base on the server, named Orion's Peak. Later, they founded the 2b2t group, UnnamedTM; but shortly after it was created, wood3n left due to extreme boredom of anarchy, and Minecraft all together.


wood3n is a 16-year-old who likes motorcycles, wants to join the navy, and he, ironically, doesn't like cops.


  • Discord: wood3n#0075
  • Email: xwoodennickel@gmail.com