Vanilla .jar days

From Historical Archive

Vanilla .jar days were a once weekly, day-long event during p2. At the time, the server ran on Spigot, which allowed it to utilize anti-illegal, Nether roof blocking, and custom plugins. Once a week, administrators would switch the server from the Spigot server .jar to Mojang's vanilla server .jar. This allowed players access to both the Nether roof and any illegals items they had stored.

Eventually, Spigot patched the infamous donkey dupe, preventing players from duping general items en masse. While Mojang attempted to patch the it on their own, the vanilla release at the time still allowed for a weaker form of it to be used semi-effectively. Vanilla days continued, now also allowing players to dupe with donkeys, albeit not nearly as efficiently as before the patch.

Vanilla .jar days were eventually phased out, as it quickly became unsustainable for the server since they prevented use of essential plugins. For example, without access to lag control plugins, the server would often become unstable. Further, ViaVersion does not work without Spigot, preventing players from playing on any version besides the most current one. Finally, vanilla days stripped access to AVAS's proprietary plugin p3, removing players' ability to use chat commands and easily link to the vote site and the Discord server.