From AVAS.cc Historical Archive

Aliases = cubik
Joined = Early p3
Affiliations= Donfuer AVAS
Achievements=only person to have ever taken down "mayorofavas


He first dipped his toes into Minecraft in late 2020, but his main journey began on June 27th, 2021. His very first base fell victim to none other than nossravgni, a name he won't soon forget. Over the course of his Minecraft adventures, he called a total of 11 bases his home (and that's not even counting the group bases).

One notable milestone was when he helped set up a base for "Niggas Inc," although it didn't see much action in the end. He also had the privilege of being a part of "bibi borpers."

Throughout his time in Minecraft, he ventured alongside some fascinating groups, including the likes of "spawnfags," "endfags," "netherfags," "prism inc," and even "event city." One particular highlight in his journey was his involvement with "stoner heaven" (Donfuer).

He can proudly claim the title of the only person to have ever taken down "mayorofavas." That was quite the achievement, let me tell you.