Niggas Inc

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Niggas Inc
Niggas Inc banner
Created: mid p1
Achievements: they were the first group in the end during p2

Niggas Inc is a group formed from many other groups being inactive, more notably Newfag Exterminators and Adolf Lovers. Niggas inc is a griefing group. It only consists of the members barackobama450, L4FT. Niggas inc consists of computer nerds and internet larpers.


Niggas Inc was a creation from many other groups, some of which include Newfag Exterminators a group with the sole purpose to kill new players joining the server within the nether region and Adolf Lovers which was a small group between barackobama450 and his friends which they built various bases during p1. Niggas Inc were the first group to the end during p2 (legitimately as can be.(no admin confrontation)) and made the first ever functioning base. They were also behind many griefs across the history of the server.

Server Relations

Due to the larping of barackobama450, everyone has mad beef with the group.