Nether Highway

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A Nether highway

The Nether highways are a set of cardinal highways, starting from 0x,0z in the Nether. These highways provide a crucial means of transportation over long distances.


An essential piece of infrastructure for an anarchy server, the Nether highways we're started early in each map's history. While worked on by multiple people over different periods, the majority of the early progress and upkeep was undertaken by player timoreo. Once the p2 map was wiped, the highways needed to be rebuilt. During p3, multiple highway building groups formed to work on the large project.


There have always been highways, but the builders of the first map's tunnels are lost to time.

Statue of timoreo for having built so much of the highway system

Because Nether highways are such an integral feature in an anarchy server, seeing use from virtually all players at some point in their time playing, the highways always have new players coming to build and old players leaving for other projects. p2 was no exception. There were some small highway building groups at the time, but the vast majority of the p2 highways were completed and upkept by a player named timoreo. Using baritone, he was able to make a custom module allowing him to automatically build highways, digging the tunnels and placing the obsidian. With this, he as able to easily and efficiently make large, extensive highways. After his departure from the server, a statue was built on the (at the time) inaccessible Nether roof in appreciation for his work.


The highways of p3 have had a significant amount of players contributing. Multiple organizations, big and small, have formed and left their marks on the highways. The largest and most notable is AVAS Highway Construction Group, having helped expand the +x highway into the hundreds of thousands.

The Nether hub



Floating near the bedrock roof in the epicenter of the Nether holds the Nether hub. This is the origin of all cardinal highways, housing an array of likely-trapped Nether portals. This area is a hotspot for PvP and newfag harassment. Below the hub is a gaping hole to bedrock, providing a great area for End crystal PvP.

Due to the server allowing such liberal use of movement hacks, some believe having a central Nether hub for the highway system makes escaping spawn too easy for newfags. Thus, there is a constant battle between groups trying to maintain a nice Nether hub, and others who seek to destroy it any time it is rebuilt.


Each highway is established to at least 15k away from 0,0. Because the server is still relatively young, this provides plenty of distance away from spawn to find a safe base location. Some portions of the highways are well crafted, sometimes 5x5 in size with an obsidian floor, allowing easy use of baritone and movement hacks. Other portions, however, are still simple tunnels.

As of January, 2021, highway lengths are as follows:

  • +X : 395k
  • -X : 15k
  • +Z : 27k
  • -Z : 32k