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Exploits are unintended game mechanics that a player is able to utilize for their benefit. Compared to more general bugs and glitches, exploits are intentionally used for multiple reasons. AVAS does not patch exploits that are available in the current release of vanilla Minecraft. Exploits caused by Spigot/Paper plugins may be patched either by the fork/plugin developers or by AVAS admins (should it be detrimental the server).


Item duplication

Item duplication exploits, or dupes, are methods of exploiting game and server mechanics to duplicate 1 or more items. Because AVAS does not patch exploits in the vanilla game, and because Mojang is generally slow to patch many exploits themselves, duping is a generally common practice on the server. Examples include widely known mass general item dupes, such as the donkey dupe, chunk overload dupes, and book dupe, allowing efficient duplication of any item on a large scale. At one point, the only available general item dupe was the piglin dupe, allowing players to dupe any item, but 1 at a time, and much more slowly.

While general item dupes come and go as they are introduced with new content, and subsequently patched in later versions, some item specific dupes have remained, and will likely remain, unpatched in the future. This includes duplication methods for transparent items, like carpet and minecart rails, as well as tnt. Mojang seems to have taken a soft stance against patching these exploits, as they've been adopted as essential mechanics among the player base.

Note from the admins:
A common question from newfags is "Are there any dupes on this server?" The short answer is: "Almost certainly, yes." A game as mechanically complex as Minecraft is bound to have near infinite unintended interactions. Add to that the fact that it is so duct taped together when playing multiplayer, there is likely a method out there to duplicate items. Whether or not it is discovered or public is another question.
Ender pearl stasis

A powerful method of transportation is possible by suspending and/or unloading thrown ender pearl to later return to it from anywhere in that dimension. This is useful for players wishing to visit spawn without having to travel thousands or millions of blocks back to base.

Originally, players would throw ender pearls into unloaded chunks. When they wanted to return to base, another player would load the chunk, allowing the pearl to contact a block. Since the 1.13 update, players have been able to use a more organized and intuitive set up using soul sand and bubble columns. Although initially an unintended consequence of game mechanics, Mojang has decided not to remove it from the game.

Nether roof

The Nether roof has been off-limits since p2 due its potential to allow players to easily lag the server. Because AVAS allows flight and speed hacks, unmitigated speeds cause players to load chunks incredibly quickly. Technically, players have been able to get onto the roof by throwing ender pearls correctly. Once up there, however, they are immediately killed.

With the improvement of lag mitigation plugins, the Nether roof is planned to be reopened. This date is unknown at this time. Please stop asking.

Unbreakable block breaking

In vanilla Minecraft, it is possible to break unbreakable blocks, like bedrock and end portal frames. Because the destruction of end portal frames effectively closes the end dimension to the server, AVAS has patched unbreakable block breaking.