Digi corp

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Digi corp
Digi corp logo
Aliases: Bibi Borb
Created: March 2021
Facts: Biggest kit-selling stash on the server, Leader is Digital Blaze


Starting in early/mid 2021, Digi corp was the first "company" on the server. However the main purpose of the group at first was to make bases that could expand just with the farms present and the work force present.

Over time, Digital Blaze would start to sell kits and would make $60+ on the server alone (this would fund an alt acc as well as a few paid clients. After being invited to iron kingdom , Digi corp would sell kits from the stash at the base, making more money for the company. In early 2022 nossravgni would leave the base, meaning digi corp owns the biggest, and second biggest, base on the server with the biggest stash aswell. This makes digi corp the richest group on the server, yet one of the smaller ones


Digi Corp is neutral to all groups, mainly because its the business of the server.

Notable Members