From AVAS.cc Historical Archive
Aliases: none
Affiliations: none
Achievements: rebuilt nether hub and made a mapart
Facts: was an annoying newfag when he joined causing everyone to hate him and had a laggy carpet duper at his base


He joined 12/06/2020 and killed the ender dragon around 3/00/2021 after joining the server and becoming a server regular eventually he met digi and flumpty bumpy . They then went on to build the biggest carpet duper on the server with over 100 carpet dupers operating at once. This brought the server tps to go down to nine. D2k11, 69 and condii tp'd to the base and they realized that they needed to destroy the machine. He spend most of his days in avas working on unfinished mapart and base hunting, occasionally flirting with condii and building small bases. He joined with his friend and built his first small house around -300 300.