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Aliases: sinse
Joined: January 27 2021
Affiliations: MCG
Achievements: MCG Arena


Sinse420 (realsinse420 at the time) joined the server on January 27, 2021 after a long bout of searching for a true anarchy server experience. From his point of view, an anarchy server must not have any limits / anti-cheat plugins that prevent client-side mods, barring server breaking / performance breaking things. He was eager to finally find a server that had no rules against flying, speed hacks, etc. To him, these kinds of restrictions were antithetical to the anarchy concept.

Finally landing on AVAS, he quickly got to work learning to use modded clients for the first time and started making plans on what to do with this freedom. This being his first commitment to an anarchy minecraft server, he only knew that he would want to stay out of people's way and learn the community before making any connections or trusting anyone at all.

With WURST 7.1 as his first modded client, he jetpacked his way to a spot less than 5k away from spawn and dug a hole and got his first diamond armor and tool set. He quickly moved on to a spot farther out and made yet another temporary hideout. Here, still on his first day, he had crafted his first netherite ingots and made his first netherite items, the pickaxe and axe.

Over the next week Sinse would build his first semi-permanent hideout that he would build in the ground and fortify with obsidian. During this time he AFK-fished for sometimes hours on end while watching youtube and finally beginning to interact more with the global chat. He found it surprising that despite being still somewhat close to spawn and spending hours out in the open, that there was no-one who had managed to find him.

During this week Sinse was PM'd by another player that offered to share coords to a trading hall they built when talking about how hard it was to fish for enchantments. Although a bit sketchy, he decided to trust the player and tentatively went to the location. When he arrived at the wrong coords he assumed the worst, but finally he realized he went to the wrong coordinates and there was no trap or ruse ultimately.

The trading hall was incredible. It basically had every single book you could ever need to build a full kit and more, as it was only missing the multishot book trade. Finally fully equipped, Sinse had finally decided on his first project: spreading magenta carpet all over spawn. To him, this was the easiest and most noticeable thing he could do with his limited griefing materials at the time. Not only that, it would add some color to the wastelands of spawn!

The next day after beginning the spread of carpets over spawn someone in chat said, "MCG ON TOP". Confused, Sinse asked what that meant. "Magenta carpet gang", they responded. Sinse immediately leaned into the idea, and after learning that the server had tons of map-arts already created he decided that his next project would be an MCG mapart.

Without thinking he found a nearby desert and began flattening-out an 8x8 chunk area. However, after clearing out the area using Baritone, he changed his mind and decided to build the mapart near build height. The platform was made using obsidian, and underneath the platform he created a tiny carpet duper and his first ender pearl stasis chamber. Now with the platform created, he still had to design the art and make the carpets for it and decided to put that on hold. Sinse came up with something more fun to do asap; a 16x16 chunk square perimeter under the mapart. This would be his first perimeter he ever made in Minecraft, and ultimately loved the result so much he decided to make it a semi-public pvp arena open to familiar players. This would also be his first way to test the trustworthiness of certain players. It was also around this time that Sinse began using Meteor client with plans on eventually using it as a base for his own client, DogeMod.

After building the perimeter he started building obsidian walls around the perimeter up to y level 96. While doing this, he discovered the infamous 5x5 flat bedrock area in one of the corners of the perimeter. He then went on to complete his map art ever, the 'MCG (never enough) - 2D' mapart.

After having completed all this, and after some people had already been invited and knew the coordinates to the now dubbed, 'MCG Arena', he decided it was time to start his first real base. This base would be farther out, and would be named Crying Isle. Before completing this base, he entered in the first AVAS mapart contest; submitting the Very growth mapart.


Sinse420 was 27 when he joined AVAS, and is a man of many interests. His biggest passion is sound engineering and production. He enjoys everything technical and scientific and is hella curious about just about everything

MCG Never enough
Very growth
MCG arena