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NotNub is an active player who joined late february.


Factions player turned into Anarchy player, NotNub used to play MC since 2016 (mainly factions) then he got into the Anarchy genre once Rusher and FitMC popularized the infamous server 2b2t. NotNub wanted to play Anarchy but 2b2t was always laggy and had a very long queue. He started searching for an alternative to 2b and found many shitty replicas then found Avas recently about a month ago and it was perfect, the server was absolute anarchy. NotNub got his gear after 2 weeks of playing the server, he finessed a player called ___This_Kid___ and got a shulker full of gear after he blackmailed him. NotNub then started hosting so-called Jobcentres , in which newfags can work and earn gapples, however many of my Jobcentres were shortlived thanks to noss. At the moment he is working on his own base called Bastion city.

Bastion city