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Aliases: 3vil
Affiliations: MapCult

I am a US-based player that has played mc for a long time and has played almost every type of server for mc. Anarchy is what I was meant to play.


Joined 12/30/2020 First created trading hall that many players have used and found to be invaluable. Kept mostly to myself until befriended by at the time admin haJUNT. Spent most of my early days making kits of all types. After seeing some of the servers maps I spoke to haJUNT and was helped with the process of making my own maps. Made many maps and was eventually invited to join a group to make Galaxy Shaper. After completing galaxy shaper I went on to revolutionize the process of making all carpet maps by building a reusable map pad that can be erased and have the carpet reused. 128x128 map time was cut from 3+ hours to -1 hour. After the map machine was up I made a good chunk of the total maps on the server. Dug 1-1.5 million blocks of the -x highway and built the first -x 10m monument. After the +x world border was griefed by 500ps I built the massive skull that is currently at the world border and v3v helped with the nether interior. After making friends with players like Avad and Lemon I spent many hours spawn killing new players for no reason than to slow their progression. Most recently I have gotten into making spawn art after friend 5aly made the first one. Currently have the largest spawn art at nearly half a million blocks.